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Bad Days

This week has been one of the shittiest. And three weeks of insomnia do not help. At all. Asked for a medical certificate, cause i do too many crazy shit lately, and going to work was simply impossible. At least i have two weeks holiday now. Will spent the first time in Nature, reading, with the pets. Resting. Spirit and body. Need it way too badly.
Had lots of bad memories being thrown at my face the last weeks, my nerves finally broke, after a horrible night of "crazy Fab does crazy shit sometimes". Don't want to go there again, don't want to fall again. I fought too much to get out of it all...
So, the last two days were spent reading. It's a form of hiding, of fleeing. But not the worst thing, so...
My mom called yesterday, i have to go monday morning at 8h to the vet with the cat Shiva, who, horrible, lost one eye. Apparently she got something in her eye, another cat slapping her or a piece of wood or whatever, and the vet pushed on her eye (come on, vet, was it necessary?? I'm suspecting the vet is partly responsible for the loss of her eye...), and it just..."exploded". My mom received water on her face, i cannot imagine the pain our poor Shiva felt at that moment. So now she needs an operation, they will take her eye out, and we'll have a one-eyed cat. At least she can leave like that without problems, but still. Poor baby. She must be in terrible pain, the vet gave her 4 shots of stuff to kill the pain until monday.
And the same day at 4h in te morning, i have to drive my mom to the airport. A good thing for once i have insomnia..
I'll stay at my mom's house while she's on holiday, to take care of her pets (mine will be there too of course), and give extra care to Shiva. And my own Baby Shug will have to go to the vet too, as he is loosing weight so much, while eating. At least i know what he has, he was adopted with the cats sickness, but there is nothing to do, after 8-10 years the sickness starts to manifest itself, and no cure. I just hope he is in no pain, he doesn't seem to be, but..
Bah...great times..
I hope the wheel of craziness and bad shits will stop now. It will rain the whole holidays, just when i have a garden and the place for myself. Don't want to spend the two weeks inside. The Gods, could you do something about that, please?


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